Remember the days when everything was better? …but luckily your ad does!

santa-claus3It’s mid-december, snow slowly starts to show on the mountain tops around Bangor and there is not one store on high street that is not decorated “christmassy”! Christmas is near! But undoubtedly you also heard people say again that this year they are not gonna buy as many presents as last year. And year after year again the amount of presents and money spent is increasing (for many families) despite the economic circumstances. But why is it so difficult for us to escape the Christmas-consumerism?

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Thinking that sex sells is not very 21st century! Or is it?

A lot has changed over the last 50 years, from the first man on the moon, receiving equal rights for all and the fall of the Berlin Wall to women finally being transitioned into high government positions, but if you see advertisements like the one on the left you ask yourself what progress have we really made about addressing stereotypes in advertisement? Now during the last days I have spent a long time looking at good looking women on the internet…

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Deceptive Packaging – Want to pay more for less?

Last week I came back from a short weekend at home. On the way back to Bangor I took some chocolate based food stuff to sustain me on my journey: Nutella & Go, being the food of choice. As Nutella&Go is not sold in the UK, I will quickly explain that a Nutella&Go package contains. This glorious snack is one half breadsticks, one half Nutella and one hundred per cent snack genius. However, only when you stick the breadstick into the Nutella, you notice that the bottom of the Nutella-half is elevated. The half-rounded shape prevent consumers from seeing the indication of the filling level at the first glance. What a deceptive packaging! When researching the whole matter (and I certainly felt fooled), I found out that Ferrero is not the only one. Many producers use certain tricks to convince consumers to buy their product which my blog will uncover…

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Crowdsourcing – Slave Labour Advertising

Needless to say the world of commercials is changing. Due to the connectivity by the web with its social media and video platforms it seems that it becomes increasingly difficult for innovations to impress (if you do no have the financial means for projects such as the Red Bull Stratos which I posted about earlier. Read it here!). Recently companies involve in crowdsourcing, involving their customers in their own production process to solve a multitude of problems. The most common examples are Wikipedia and Yahoo Answer, but companies in many other areas are also taking advantage of the connectivity. (Doan, Ramakrishnan & Halevy, 2011)

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Imitation…the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Now that Apple released its new iPhone, critics speak up again. The slide-to-unlock function once stolen by Windows CE, assistant Siri stolen from Xiaoi Bot and Apple just won it’s software patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. But imitation is not only known in production. Using the brand equity of another company for one’s own benefit is increasingly used, in form of brandjacking and public mocking… Is this calling for success or complete failure?

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Do you like to be Seduced?

Which advertisement are you more likely to remember?

Which of the following two cars would you chose?

Researchers of the George Washington University and the UCLA found out that advertisements can be put in two different categories. The differences between the two kinds are crucial for success. What is so unique about the research is that it found two different brain activity levels in the two different kinds of advertisement (Cook, I., 2011).

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